Photo Tour Information and Weather Chart

Each year, we set up photo tours of fire services throughout Ontario, where our members and their guests are able to mingle and get staged shots of the fire apparatus.

Photo tours are generally held monthly May through September. On a typical tour, a group of buffs will travel to a prearranged group of fire halls in a particular area to photograph the apparatus. 

We have held tours across southern Ontario, from Windsor to Kingston and north to Midland and Gravenhurst, plus virtually every place in between.  We visit everything, from some of Ontario’s largest cities (Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga) to the smallest townships.  We have also made forays to Ottawa, Buffalo and Cleveland.

Photo Tour Dates and Schedules

May,  June,  July,  August September

In most cases, attendees provide their own transportation (carpooling is encouraged), and on occasions, we have used a bus charter, where members shared the costs.

While we always hope for bright sunshiny days, the tours generally proceed as planned whatever the weather. Check below to see what the forecast is.