Border City Fire Buffs

The Border City Fire Buffs was formed in the late 1970’s by a group of active fire buffs in the Windsor area. The group remained active into the 1990’s.

The original members were; Walt McCall, Ted Hanifan, George Szeman, Dave Dube and Ted’s sons, Mike and David Hanifan.

The BCFB had a good relationship with two fire buff clubs across the river in Detroit.
The Detroit Fire Buffs Association and the Box 42 Associates.

The official club vehicle was Walt McCaul’s 1955 American-LaFrance 700 Series pumper, ex-Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Although the club as such has long been inactive, some of the remaining members still show up at fires in the Windsor area.

Around 2008, Michael Hanifan passed away.

May 2018, five of the six members of the original group had an informal reunion in Windsor just a couple of weeks ago.