Adieu To Our Vintage 2HP Fire Truck

On Saturday, October 29th, 2016 a number of O.F.B.A. members and friends attended at the Toronto Fire Services Station 432 on the
East Mall to help with the cleaning of HP-2 or 2 High-Pressure for its transition back to the Toronto Fire Service.

The O.F.B.A. has owned this vintage rig for nearly 40 years. With storage and maintenance issues facing the Associates it was decided to offer the apparatus back to Toronto, as per our original agreement. The rig was originally owned by the City of Toronto.

Toronto Fire - 2HP

HPM-2, went into service for the Toronto Fire Department on August 1st, 1949  at the Adelaide Street fire hall. It is an American LaFrance 700-BJC Closed Cab High Pressure Monitor with body registration number L-3835.

Although out of action by this year, it had been placed back into service to assist HP-1 at the Eaton’s Centre Fire in 1977. The club purchased it after it was again retired, and taken out-of-service. It has been housed at a number of locations over the years, including the Canadian Fire Fighter’s Museum, with the last location being
Box 43  in Hamilton, Ontario.

On Saturday, November 5th, 2016, at our Annual Meeting,  held at the Toronto Fire Academy, the truck was turned over along with a newly-made cover to help keep it protected for many more years, to Toronto Fire Service Deputy Fire Chief Debbie Higgins and Maintenance Division Chief  Rob Anselmi.