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Only five forest fires out of control in northeastern Ontario – Woodstock sees eight overnight fires – Vehicle flips in dramatic crash in Windsor – Highway 26 at Grey Road 40 closed due to collision – A lifesaver of a gift to Port Colborne fire services – Innisfil’s new fire chief has a long history here – Parry Sound 33 being held, new fire spotted south of Pointe au Baril – Boy on bike run over, pinned by ca – Enbridge donation funds firefighter training – Wainfleet hires full-time fire chief – Fire marshal investigating two suspicious fires at same west London townhouse complex Tuesday … – Fatal crash on St. Joseph Island – Suspicious Fire In West Perth – Sudbury police investigate suspicious car fire Monday – New Tec Fire Secures Funding – Police investigating after fire rages at Toronto Motorsports Park – Take my fire extinguisher, please: blaze no laugher for Saskatchewan comics – Mechanical issues’ left Toronto-bound Via train stuck in Thamesville for six hours – Firefighter determined to win a seat on Cramahe council – Youth Rangers introduced to Ontario forest firefighting program – Calm weekend on forest fire front in northeastern Ontario – About that slow poke in the middle lane – Dump truck and car collide on Highway 36 near Lindsay – Structure Fire North Of Blyth – Toppled transport truck closes road in Arthur – More than 1000 forest fires in Ontario this year; 116 still active – Clarence-Rockland fire causes $450K in damage – August 11, 2018 – Northwest Region 13 New Fires – Vehicle fire spreads to home in Scarborough – Battling one of the worst fire seasons, Ontario commits millions more to the fight – Canadian soldiers ready to help battle forest fires – Parry Sound area fire burns island cottage to the ground – Teen dead after attempting to rescue woman and her son in Lake Ontario at Woodbine Beach – Woman airlifted to hospital following two-vehicle crash – OPP report deadliest civic long weekend since 2011 – Man sought by police after Scarborough collision kills 71-year-old motorcyclist – A Staggering 8566 traffic-related charges were laid over Civic Weekend: OPP – Almost 3 times more Ontario forest fires this year; North Bay 72 being held – A fire on Meadowbrook Lane in Windsor is under investigation – Police investigating Kirkland Lake fire – Prison sentences expected for men accused in deadly Oakland warehouse fire – Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Now Being Held – Man fighting for his life after crash near Seaforth – Elderly man severely burned in Simcoe – Excavator likely caused Etobicoke industrial fire – Man found semi-conscious in Waterloo kitchen fire – Man struck by fire truck near Trinity Bellwoods Park – Firefighters capture video of “firenado” in the U.K.

Kenabeek Fire Department tanker truck

Old Whitney Fire Alarm

Parkinson Township first run 1976 American LaFrance

Thessalon First Nation 2010 fire truck

Old Thessalon First Nation fire truck

Pumper # 6 from Toronto is resting in a scrapyard in Kenabeek, Ontario

Blind River fire chief’s unit

Sagamok First Nation Rescue Unit

Killarney Boot Display

Britt, Ontario trailer emergency response unit

Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Camp Entrance in Britt, Ontario

Ministry of Natural Resources Car

Ministry of Natural Resources Aviation Department Logo

Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Camp

Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Camp Command Unit and Generator

Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Command Unit

Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Schedule Board

Helicopter staged for take-off at Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Camp

Staging and parking area at Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Camp

Helicopter taking off from Parry Sound 33 Command Base in Britt, Ontario

Helicopter travelling over Highway 69 at Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire

Henvey Inlet First Nation fire truck blocking roadway as the community is evacuated from the smoke of the Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire

Command 1 London Fire Department 2016 Ford F250 Pick Up (Platoon Chief) Bob Rupert

Engine 2 London Fire Department 2007 Spartan Metro Star FF MFD Smeal 1250 600 40 S# 706040 (ex-Engine 10)
Bob Rupert

Engine 5 London Fire Department 2010 Spartan Gladiator Sirius MFD Smeal Quint 1750 400 40 S# 015140 75′ rear-mount) Bob Rupert

Engine 6 London Fire Department 2009 Spartan Advantage FF MFD Smeal 1500 1000 40 S# 809221 (ex-Rescue 6) Bob Rupert

Engine 7 London Fire Department 2009 Spartan Advantage FF MFD Smeal 1500 500 40 S# 801321 (ex-Engine 5) Bob Rupert

Engine 9 London Fire Department 2017 Spartan Metro Star Classic MFD Carl Thibault 1250 500 S#2727 *
Bob Rupert

Engine 13 London Fire Department 2014 Spartan Gladiator Classic MFD Carl Thibault / RK 1750 400 50 V# C078212 (Vulcan) (Chassis SO#78212 / body SN#2654)
Bob Rupert

Firefighters at staging area waiting for transportation at Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire Base Camp

Staging area entrance-way to the Parry Sound 33 Forest Fire area

HazMat 1 London Fire Department 2004 Spartan Metro Star FF LFD SVI Rescue J# 493 SVI walk-around Heavy Rescue Bob Rupert

Marine 3 London Fire Department 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 Pick Up Hauls the Zodiac boat Bob Rupert

Mini Engine London Fire Department Gordie with the Mini-Engine Bob Rupert

Spare Truck 20 London Fire Department 2007 Spartan Sirius Smeal UT 100 1500 400 S# 708101 ( rear-mount) (ex-Truck 6, ex-Truck 7, ex-Truck 1) Bob Rupert

Tanker 11 London Fire Department 2011 International Workstar 7600 Carl Thibault 500 2500 V# J625918 V#J625918 Bob Rupert

Tech Support 1 London Fire Department 2017 Freightliner M2-112 SVI V#HX6419 (Re-mount from a 1996 Spartan chassis) Air / Light Unit Bob Rupert

Truck 7 London Fire Department 2009 Spartan Sirius MFD Smeal 1500 300 S# 903140 (rear-mount tower) (ex-Truck 2, ex-Truck 1) (100′ Platform)
Bob Rupert

Truck 9 London Fire Department 2008 Spartan Gladiator Sirius MFD Smeal UT 100 1500 400 S# 709221 (rear-mount) Bob Rupert

Brampton crews moved back into Station 204 in June. The station  was renovated and now has an extra apparatus bay added.

The Ontario Fire Buff Associates is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada based group of fire service enthusiasts “Buffs” who’s present membership comes from across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Although our membership comes from many different walks of life, we have one common interest, the fire service.

The OFBA is an affiliate of the International Fire Buff Associates (IFBA)

For any Club or Association to continually evolve, they need constant participation and feed-back from their members. Please help us to improve and keep our information current and relevant.

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