About the Ontario Fire Buff Associates (OFBA)


Bob Rupert

Larry Ward

Jim Stronach

Robert Herscovitch

David Mollison

Mike Gough

Des Brett

Walt McCall

The Ontario Fire Buff Association was formed in 1971 to bring together people interested in the fire service in Ontario. Of course, the interests within “the common interest” are many. They include canteen service to fire departments at large fires, fire department histories, fire and apparatus photography, collecting and preserving antique fire apparatus, attending fire apparatus musters, shoulder patch collecting and building scale model fire apparatus. Thanks to the dedication of those early organisers and members, the OFBA grew. In 1979, our group was incorporated under our present name, the Ontario Fire Buff Associates.

The OFBA is an affiliate member of theĀ International Fire Buff Associates. The IFBA is an umbrella group of fire buff clubs in the USA, Canada, and other countries. Each year, the IFBA holds a convention in a different city, hosted by one of the affiliates.

Today, the OFBA has over 130 members from across Ontario, across Canada and around the world. ‘What Is a Fire Buff?‘ is a question answered by the former Editor of our Newsletter, Walt McCall.

Find out more information about our Events, Newsletter and Antique Truck – a 1949 Lafrance Hi-Pressure Truck.