Welcome to the Ontario Fire Buff Associates

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The O.F.B.A was organized in southern Ontario, Canada by a small assemblage of men who had a common interests in the fire services way back in 1971. The Fire Buff Association, was established with the thought of having a central connecting point which would attract people with similar interests in the fire service and offered them an opportunity to share information.

In 1979, the group was incorporated under our present name, the Ontario Fire Buff Associates, more commonly known as the OFBA.

Our “common interests” in the fire service are very diverse. They include canteen services to fire departments at large fires; fire department histories; fire and apparatus photography; collecting and preserving antique fire apparatus; attending fire service musters; shoulder patch collecting, scanning fire calls,  and building scale model fire apparatus. Thanks to the dedication of our early organizers and members, the O.F.B.A. has developed over the years.

The O.F.B.A. currently has over 115 members from some very different vocations, who join us from across Ontario, the Canadian Provinces, the United States and around the World.

The OFBA is an affiliate member of the   International Fire Buff Associates.
The IFBA is an umbrella group of fire buff clubs in the USA, Canada, and other countries.
Each year, the IFBA holds a convention in a different city, hosted by one of the affiliates.