Back Issues of the “Third Alarm”

The O.F.B.A. is offering for sale back issues of their publication. The “Third Alarm” has been published since 1971. The publication includes roster information, delivery photos and articles on the fire services. The price of these back issues is $2.00 per issue which includes postage and handling. The amalgamation issue published in Jan – Feb 98 is not included in this offer.

Commemorative Pins

The O.F.B.A. has for sale a limited supply of comemorative pins of our antique fire truck, #2 High Pressure.  These pins can be purchased for $5.00 (includes postage and handling).


The OFBA has several books available for sale:

Fire Engines in North America $10
Flame of Courage: The Canadian Firefighter $10
Fire Engines & Fire Fighting $5
100 Years of America’s Fire Fighting Apparatus $5
Fire Engines, Firefighters $5
Fire Engines $5
Where’s the Fire? $5

We also have the following pocket books available for 50 cents each:

  • Lights & Siren
  • Fires
  • Dial 911
  • Five Patients
  • Fire on the Rim

Please send all cheque or money orders to:

Ontario Fire Buff Associates
P.O. Box 56
Toronto, ON  M3C 2R6