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Pet hair from your furry friend(s) can put you at a greater risk for a dryer fire. Pet hair may find its way out of the lint trap and into your vent, clogging it.

Schedule your annual cleaning to keep your home and pet(s) safe: https://t.co/pbPg0T4KyB

Fire (highrise Residential) [Toronto]
Bleecker Street
b/w Carlton Street / Winchester Park Trail
Dispatched: 22/01/19 @ 21:15 EST
[Stn: 313] Aerial-324 DistChief-32 Pumper-312 Pumper-313 Pumper-314 Squad-313
General Area: https://t.co/9YJpHiRaCp

Fire (highrise Residential Downtown) [Old Toronto]
Yonge Street @ Gerrard St East
Dispatched: 22/01/19 @ 21:19 EST
[Stn: 314] Aerial-331 DistChief-34 Pumper-331 Pumper-334 Pumper-344 Rescue-326
General Area: https://t.co/xP3sDSjKzW

Fire (highrise Residential) [East York]
Gamble Avenue
b/w Broadview Avenue / Logan Avenue
Dispatched: 22/01/19 @ 21:26 EST
[Stn: 322] Aerial-322 DistChief-22 Pumper-313 Pumper-322 Pumper-323 Rescue-224
General Area: https://t.co/iHyodqmxem

I see a trend that is going to result in firefighters death or a civilian death! Call me silly, however when I ride on a fire engine I expect the wheels to stay on @FirematicSupply #tak4 #Pierce @fireengineering @FDIC @BillyGoldfeder @TheSecretList @NewHavenFire @alexplitsas


Freezing rain has started - plz watch your speed & give yourself extra time to reach your destination. #DriveSafe

101 years ago a fire claimed the lives of 4 @VanFireRescue #firefighters.

This 1918 photo of a #Vancouver fire truck with 4 caskets is a testament to the rich but sometimes tragic history of #VFRS.

A Fire Chief must honour the safety of their team with the decisions they make.

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