Posted 06/13/2018

Grand Valley Fire Truck Muster

Posted 06/12/2018

Coffee with a Firefighter Day – October 12th, 2018

Posted 06/11/2018
GO TO BLAZES is a 1956 vintage Fire Prevention 29 minute video directed by Thomas Farley through the National Film Board with cooperation from the York Township Fire Department. This short documentary from the Perspective television series examines the dangerous practices that can cause tragic and costly fires. The film follows Inspector Joe Fletcher as he investigates fires that have happened, or could happen. It shows how frequently fires are actually crimes of carelessness, which, if prevented, could have saved life and property.

Posted 09/18/2017
The Grand Valley and District Fire Department is hosting the Fire Fighter Association of Ontario Annual Convention next year on the August 1st, Long Weekend. Grand Valley would like to re-introduce an Antique Fire Truck Muster component to this event.

If you, someone you know may be interested in attending or have ideas for the Muster please contact:

Fire Chief Kevin McNeilly at 519-939-6495 or by e-mail at

In order to implement and publicize the Antique Fire Truck Muster he would like to have a response from interested parties prior to Christmas, 2017.