August 2017 – Confirmed

This, our Third tour of the year will be on Saturday August 19th, when we will visit the Essex, Kingsville, and Leamington fire stations.

The tour will start out at 09:30 hrs at the Essex fire station, located at 55 Alice Street North.     42.174426, -82.823458

Following Essex, which we will go their other two halls in Gesto and Harrow.

After lunch, we will regroup at Kingsville’s #2 station in Cottam, then to their main hall in Kingsville.

Our last stop will be Leamington – just one hall there but lots of rigs.


Essex Fire Department

Essex apparatus roster (Fire Wikia)

Kingsville Fire Services

Kingsville apparatus roster (Fire Wikia)

Leamington Fire Department

Leamington apparatus roster (Fire Wikia)